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  1. 01-06-14
    Yay! There's a good chance it's a different phone because I know that the Galaxy S4 is out so if he likes to keep up to date he'll probably have that one. But yeah I don't mind, glad to help! I can only imagine how hard that is, programming for anything is just beyond me.
  2. 01-06-14
    Woohoo, somebody who doesn't have an iPhone! Assuming that isn't the same phone my brother has there's an excellent chance I'll be bugging you in a little while to test the mobile style, then. Thanks in advance! The mobile stuff in particular is really tricky because you can only test it so much without getting your hands on the actual devices.
  3. 01-06-14
    I have a Galaxy S3. It looks the same as the internet version on my phone but my phone can be dumb sometimes.... My bf that I live with though has the same phone, I got the dumb one apparently, so I could always use his too, I hope that phone type helps! I'm excited to see it, I was wondering if there was going to be a mobile version!
  4. 01-06-14
    I dunno if you'd be willing to share your short films but I'm sure people here would absolutely love to see them. We've had a handful of people post that kinda stuff and it's always fun/cool.

    Re: smartphone. Nice! Did you get the normal site or did it automatically send you to the light gray mobile style? It's really mediocre--I slapped it together just so we'd have *something*, but the new one is freakin' awesome. IMO. What kind of phone is it? I'll need testers a few weeks from now, most likely, and I want to get a wide variety of phone types.