Martin Scorsese
The "You Talking to Me?" Martin Scorsese Fanclub
Paul Thomas Anderson
I Walk Through The Valley: The PTA Fan Club
Wes Anderson
Quirky As Cuss: The Wes Anderson Fan Club
David Fincher
The David Fincher "Green Tinted Perfectionists" Fan Club
Billy Wilder
The "Well, Nobody's Perfect" Billy Wilder Fan Club
Woody Allen
The Woody Allen Fan Club
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The "Say What Again" Quentin Tarantino Fan Club
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MacGuffins: An Alfred Hitchcock Club
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The "It's Human to Lie" Akira Kurosawa Club
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Silencio! A David Lynch Fan Club
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The New Flesh: A David Cronenberg Club
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A Wonderful Life: A Frank Capra Club
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Everyone's Entitled to One Good Scare: The John Carpenter Club
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The "Would You Like To Know More?" Paul Verhoeven Club
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The Kathryn Bigelow Club
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Tro och Dod: The Ingmar Bergman Club
Wes Craven
Shocker: Screams, Nightmares, & Fans of Wes Craven