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Odd, Weird, Strange looking Actors & Actresses


Nothing spices up a story quite like a memorable oddball looking screen presence.

Who are your favorites?

Personally, I love

Michael Berryman

Robert Z'Dar

Richard Kiel

... to name a few.

Can you think of others?

Oh, Dan Hedaya has a really cool butt chin. Just sayin'.

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I am madly inlove with Jack Carlson!
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Robert Z'Dar
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- Dario Argento

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Many of these guys are showing up in this old thread too :
...screw that, I say grab the best by the hair and make that bitch yours!

You looked good, awful good.

Rondo Hatton

He was so freaky they made one of the villains in The Rocketeer look like him.
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Hope for the best and plan for the worst...
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Rondo Hatton

He was so freaky they made one of the villains in The Rocketeer look like him.

Mystery solved --

Great actor, ugly as sin though. Why they felt a need to cover that face up behind a mask in Spiderman. Apparently hung though, why Madge wanted him to be in Body of Evidence

5. William Dafoe

Forget the Green Goblin. While Ledger's performance was cool an' all, this is the man who should've been the only name considered for the role of the Joker in any Batman picture.

4. Steve Buscemi

Facially, the Peter Lorre of modern films. And not a very good tipper.

3. Mickey Rourke* -


2. Luis Guzman -

A cool character actor and the missing link.

1. Vincent Schiavelli

Popularly known as the "man with the sad eyes".

*If you're speaking of people who only look strange because of natural reasons, then replace Rourke with Billy Bob Thornton.

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William Dafoe

this is the man who should've been the only man considered for the Joker in any Batman picture
Dude you have a point.

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Ok, seriously, Sarah Michelle Gellars nose. Its like a nose on top of her nose. Hate it, freaks me the hell out. Anyone else id be thinking of has already been posted, but jeeez, that nose
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She's gotten better looking as she's aged, (maybe she's grown into her features?) but I agree about SMG's nose. Actually, you're the first person that has mentioned it. Anyone I've mentioned it to has disagreed with me, whether they were male or female.

Renee Zellwegger looks like The Creature With No Damn Eyes.
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The lovely, but strange Tilda Swinton.

Listen, she's really stunning. But in a disarming and alien sort of way. I mean alien in the most complimentary way, by the way, "not of this world".

And also, she's like Thom Yorkes twin.
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Haunted Heart, Beautiful Dead Soul

i am so shocked no one has mentioned Grace Zabriskie... she gave me the creeps when i was little. she still does at times--like in Big Love