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What's weirder, is that when this happens, a strange ground-hugging smoke will come out of it and green and red lights will flash from within the liquid.
Ah! That's what me and my friends call "Zombie Fog", as in most cheap zombie movies, the appearence of that fog signals the arrival of said undead creatures.

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Just sat and watched Demolition Man, and it got me thinking.

The hero can always outrun an explosion. Bearing in mind, depending on the explosion catalyst, a fireball can expand at anywhere from 2000-8000 metres per second.
Good point. Their hearing is usually unaffected, too.

If you fire a gun in a car, it almost always has no effect whatsoever to the hearing of those inside. Even the dead person's hearing is uneffected.

Can you stand on your head?
This happens more often in older, cheaper flicks, but many cars have no rearview mirrors and often it's because the car also has no windshield!

Some action heroes dive into the water to save someone, and when they come out, they have blown-dry hair! (I'm lookin' at you, Stallone!)
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Some action heroes dive into the water to save someone, and when they come out, they have blown-dry hair! (I'm lookin' at you, Stallone!)
This reminds me of those who do something like this, get out of the pool/sea/whatever, water dripping from them and, after one cut away, they're completely dry with the exception of slightly damp hair... For continuity, you understand.

If the hero/heroine is walking/creeping through a dark house/building alone and is hit/jumped on by the villain of the piece, they'll lose their grip on whatever weapon/torch they were carrying and it'll skid along the floor. This'll usually result in a scramble/grappling contest toward said item, though sometimes it gets 'forgotten' about while a fight breaks out then, at the last moment, the hero/heroine will recover it and use it.

Both villains and heroes/heroines have one shot knockout punches until they fight each other.

If the police go into a suspects house and it's dark, they won't bother with the lights unless they don't work. This'll also happen in dark houses during the day, when the police/whoever won't open the curtains/blinds, but instead walk around with a torch.

I always get peeved when a 20-something's residence is super high-class with tons of cool furniture and lighting fixtures. It's almost as if the movies are trying to tell you you're completely failing at life. I don't know ANYONE under the age of 35 with apartments/houses like this:

Tom's [Joseph Gordon Levitt] apartment, "(500) Days of Summer"

Molly's [Brittany Murphy] apartment in "Uptown Girls"

Jake's [Ryan Gosling] house in "Crazy, Stupid, Love" place doesn't look like that. So what do I learn? I learn from the movies that I'm a total loser who's dirt poor with a crummy apartment.
I don't know of anybody under 35 with such a ritzy-looking apartment, either, filmgirlinterrupted. You've made some good points there. I'm way older than 35, my place doesn't look like that, and I'm more than glad of it!
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Sorry Harmonica.......I got to stay here.
Direct bullet holes in the windshield, no exit holes in the back window. That always irritates me.
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