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What was the last DVD you bought and why?


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\m/ Fade To Black \m/
I picked up a copy of Munich for £1 in a charity shop, great find as I havent seen it before and I enjoyed the film
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Green lantern, captain america, thor.

Also ordered a few more steelbooks

Yes it was. And Tinker tailor solider sky and iron man steebook

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Don't know about bought, but I borrowed the following from my friend's dad:

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
Eddie Murphy: Raw
Ed Wood
A Room For Romeo Brass
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I did buy 2 dvd's at cash converters about 2 weeks, though I haven't watched them yet. I've seen them before....Good Morning Vietnam and North Country. Cost be about $6 bucks.

A good film....
The original film from 2007 is suppose to be good too.

Be warned, I haven't seen either version but I believe this trailer for the original has spoilers in.

I didn't buy it but I got the James Stewart franchise collection as a gift
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

I bought Jack Goes boating and American History X on Amazon today. Havent seen either but have high hopes

\m/ Fade To Black \m/
I bought these today,

Angels and Demons
The Hamiltons
V For Vendetta
The Italian Job Remake
Bulletproof Monk
Jeepers Creepers

I got them all for under £1 each

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Princess of Power
The Iron Lady
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Once Upon In China
Once Upon In China 2
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The following turned up this morning...

District 9 Haven't seen this in ages, I can't wait to see what it looks like on blu-ray.

Tyrannosaur Saw the trailer at the flicks and it interested me, so I took a punt.

Southland Season 1 & 2 Amazon told me to buy it.