Stranger Things


Still mad bout' that couch?
If you start thinking about the way these events unfold and how this can happen, but then this doesn't, you can blow holes through this.

That would truly be a shame though. So much spirit, charm, heart, atmosphere and those damn kids are so cute. I have not been so compelled to watch a show in a long time. Not Thrones, WD, WW, nothing. If you doubt how much I thoroughly enjoyed it, I'll leave you with this...


"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Still mad bout' that couch?
I enjoyed this so much. I got completely hooked instantly and binged which I've not done for years.
Agreed. I came home late this past weekend and stayed up until 11 am watching the rest of it.

I liked it. It's minus some of the cheesiness that almost always accompanied 80's stuff.

I think Winona Ryder's character was my favorite. I also liked the christmas light message board... pretty cool.

Since the title treatment is a definite nod toward Stephen King books back in the day, it made me think that IT and some of the other novels up for cinematic treatment should be done as Stranger Things was (series of well planned episodes to offset necessitating the cutting of too much material).

Anyway, yeah, I'll watch season 2.

Still mad bout' that couch?
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This article is in regards to the newspaper clipping.

WARNING: spoilers below

The season one finale of Stranger Things ties up a lot of loose ends, some in more subtle ways that others. If you were wondering how the Byers family explains Will's mysterious reappearance (after his funeral and all that), there's a newspaper clipping in a scene toward the end that clarifies what's going on. I was curious, so I zoomed in on it. Here's exactly what it says — except for the parts obscured by the other clipping on the left:
The former missing child Will Byers has been found after a week of searching. He is presently in stable condition in Hawkins General Hospital. Byers' mother, Joyce Byers, alleges Will was the subject of a secret government program run by the Hawkins National Laboratory. The allegation comes amidst a massive investigation into the hidden organization and its elaborate experimentations in perusal of mind control.
The abuse detailed in the first report includes prolonged physical duress and psychological interrogation. This [gove]rnment sanctioned torture has [prov]oked outrage amongst the American . . . In a statement issued yesterday . . . Ives mentioned her "disgust" . . . the organization saying, "our own [Ame]rican people are being treated like . . . we should be directly our . . . to the real target, the Soviets, not . . . own daughters and sons." Under legal . . . Brenner has issued no comment on . . .
There are a few things of interest here:
  • Joyce breaks her promise to the lab that she'll leave them alone if she can just go find Will. She outs them to the public, and the government is investigating. Does this mean they'll continue to come after her?
  • Then again, if the government is investigating a government-run program, will Hawkins National Laboratory actually get shut down?
  • This line — "Ives mentioned her 'disgust'" — is curious. Her first name isn't mentioned, but we can assume that it might be Becky, Terry's sister. Remember, Terry is Eleven's mother. If Becky has been made aware of the situation with Will and, subsequently, with Eleven, will her mother come out of her catatonic state at the glimmer of hope that her daughter is alive?
  • Brenner hasn't commented because he's dead . . . LOL.
The two things that struck me are Becky and Brenner.

- Is Becky some sort of gov agent, maybe? Is she even the real sister. It would make sense to have someone on hand in case Terry had any dormant abilities that bubbled to the surface.

- I think there is a good chance Brenner is still alive. A sci-fi/ thriller/ mystery trope often used "if you don't see them die, they aren't dead". It may be a stretch, but when I first watched it I was struck by how anti-climatic his death was. It seems that El needs some sort of closure/vengeance for all he did to her and he would meet his fate by her hands.

I am dying to know why there aren't more monsters. We see the alien homage egg. Will slug-spitting in the sink. Barb gestating as well. The Duffer brothers apparently have 30 pages on the history of the Upside-Down.