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2016 MoFies Discussion


I Am Rick Cottontree: The MoFo Quiz Goblin
I've reordered the current awards, but was thinking what new ones we'd like, or old ones that need binning?


The 2016 MoFies Categories (?)

Section 1: New And Old MoFos

01. We Miss You Most Of All
The MoFo who hasn’t been around much and you miss them.

02. You’re One Of Us Now! Best New MoFo
Must have joined after 1/1/16 and you think they’ve made the biggest impression since joining.

Section 2: Threads And Posts

03. Worst Thread Of The Year
Seen a thread that totally sucks? Vote for it here.

04. Best Thread Of The Year
Simply, the thread you think is the best of 2016. Must have been created between 1 Jan 16 and 31 Dec 16.
Only threads outside of the Games And Tabs forum, and the Ongoing Tournaments & Brackets sub-forum, count for inclusion in this category.

05. Best Game Thread Of The Year
Simply, the game thread you think is the best of 2016. Can be an already existing one, or one that was created between 1 Jan 2016 and 31 Dec 2016.
Only threads in the Games And Tabs forum, and the Ongoing Tournaments & Brackets sub-forum, count for inclusion in this category.

06. Best Post Of The Year
Simply, the post you think is the best of 2016. Must have been created between 1 Jan 16 and 31 Dec 16.

Section 3: MoFos… Personally

07. Smartest MoFo
Simply the MoFo who is the smartest and moistest cleverest overall MoFo in MoFoLand, whether it be movies, or just in general.

08. You're A Good Sport
The MoFo who is always taking part in the fun and games and is always up for a laugh and having banter.

09. We Like You! Please Post More
The MoFo who you like, and who often visits the site, but rarely posts.

10. Most Helpful MoFo
What it says on the tin. Who do you think is the most helpful?

11. Sees A Pot, Has To Stir It. Most Controversial MoFo
The MoFo who, whenever there’s a fight, a disagreement or insults being thrown around, they are always in the thick of it, and more than likely the one who started it.

12. Ray Of Sunshine
The MoFo who makes Movie Forums a nice place to be, who always has good things to say and never gets involved in politics and fighting.

13. Thank You For Being My Friend
The MoFo who has been there for you when you needed an online buddy.

14. Geez! Get A Room Already! Best MoFo Couple
Vote for your MoFo double-act. Two members who are always in the same threads and always work together when on Movie Forums.
Or, two MoFos who are always at each other’s’ throats, vote for them here, and have a laugh.

15. MoFo You'd Most Like To Be Stranded On An Island With
Simply, a nice category for you to vote on. Who would you most like to be stranded on an island with?

16. Funniest MoFo
Again, what it says on the tin. Who do you think is the funniest MoFo?

Section 4: Artistic Creativity

17. How On Earth Did You Come Up With That? Best Username
The MoFo you think has the best username.

18. Best Avatar Of The Year
What it says on the tin. Who did you think had the best avatar of 2016?

19. Best Profile Banner
Simple... who do you think has the best, most creative, or simply the most fitting Profile Banner?

20. Most Creative MoFo
What it says on the tin. Whether making interesting threads, or artistically creative avatars and banners and ideas for the forum… the MoFo who you think is the most creative.

Section 5: Technical Achievements

21. Most Improved MoFo
Whether a new MoFo or an older MoFo, who you think has improved within the boards during their time here. Whether it’s posting, reviewing, or simply taking part in discussions, who has improved the most?

22. MoFo Overachiever
The MoFo that takes part in absolutely every game and thread, list, countdown and everything else in between.

23. Movie Reviewer Of The Year
Big category this. MoFos who review have grown in numbers recently, so this is one to take time over and think about. Who do you think is the best, most achieved, well rounded, most fun, whatever, Movie Reviewer on MoFo?

24. Master Of Movies
This is for the MoFo that you think is the best all round MoFo going. Broad knowledge on movies, good at reviews, knows the answers to every question and is simply a book of knowledge when it comes to the site and movies in general.

Section 6: Special Awards

25. The MoFo Group Thank You For All Your Hard Work
Which MoFo do you think has worked incredibly hard in the name of Movie Forums and its members? Whether it be a Mod or a MoFo, who works off their own back to make Movie Forums a better, more fun, and more pleasurable place to visit.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

It ain't over till the fat lady sings
I think Worst Thread and Most Controversial should disappear. Mofies is a moment to reward and thank all the Mofos that make this place better. Giving an award for something bad is just to make people feel bad, and we already have real life for that.
But that's just my opinion.
Top 100 here!

Reviews thread here!

The Bobby Fischer of movie criticism
I don't think anyone, even the most sensitive people, would be offended by getting one of those awards (besides, if one gets nominate because of controversy, then he or she is probably someone who doesn't give a sh*t about being embarrassed). They only make the MoFies a bit more fun.

I think Worst Thread and Most Controversial should disappear. Mofies is a moment to reward and thank all the Mofos that make this place better. Giving an award for something bad is just to make people feel bad, and we already have real life for that.
But that's just my opinion.
I disagree. It depends on your perspective. I'm very proud of winning Most Controversial twice. I would have liked to have won it this year, but I can totally understand why 90sAce beat me. HOWEVER, I still actually think I'm more controversial than him. I've seen 90sAce actually try to apologize to people like Yoda -- and even change his mind and say he was wrong. I don't do that. 90sAce definitely was seen more often doing controversial stuff than me last year, but I also saw him apologizing, so I think he's weak. But I've been trying to keep my opinions more to myself these days and not all over the internet, so I can see why he won. Anyway -- being controversial can be great. Sometimes controversial people are RIGHT. If this was -- I dunno, a long time ago -- and everyone still believed the Earth was flat, and I went around saying, "NO! The Earth is ROUND" -- I would have won the Most Controversial MoFie that year. But guess what? I was speaking the truth. So controversial people... it's an award you can feel proud of. It's stupid to think it's just a terrible award. That shows how limited and closed minded you truly are. Even horrible people who get banned and then nominated for Most Controversial are just demonstrating another point of view.

And I'm incredibly disappointed to never see any of the so-called "stupid threads I keep making" nominated for Worst Thread. Why don't they ever get nominated? I'd love to know which one was THE WORST I made. How fabulous. I am pleased, though, to see that Destiny's Committee thread won. She should be proud of it. She won an award.

Anyway, I think even the GOOD awards can be bad. I always disagree with the nominees for "Smartest MoFo." Though some of them might show levels of intelligence.... I think there's smarter folks out there. Where's all my fabulous atheists who should be getting into a rage over the fact that God believing Yoda keeps winning Smartest MoFo? He may be smarter than a lot of other folks around here in some areas, but until he accepts that there's no free will, tsk tsk tsk, he's not the Smartest MoFo. To me it's akin to someone who thinks that babies are delivered by a FedEx man.

The whole awards ceremony itself is going to hurt people because a lot of people DON'T get nominated and don't win. So throwing out a couple of "bad" awards won't change much. At least the bad awards can be taken in a good way. You HAVE won an award, afterall. It means you're good at something, even if it's just the best at making a mess. You should be pushing for people to love their flaws, not hide them. "Real life" is already bad enough? Give me a break. Stop acting like this place needs to be a Band-Aid for the horrors we experience "in real life." This IS your real life. Everything you do on this forum is YOU. If you make the worst thread of the year, if you're the most controversial member, that's your life. God's writing it all down in the book, ain't that right, Yoda?

And Rodent -- it's your birthday -- take the damn day off.

The Bobby Fischer of movie criticism
Sexy, you should try making legitimately bad threads with a serious face, like your rival does.

So... just keep them as-is then.
I will say, though, that I hate "Most Improved." BUT -- why get rid of it? Someone else might love winning it. Even if I won it, it would be interesting to know why.

And I'd like to see different people win the awards instead of it always being the same person again and again. I found it refreshing that I didn't win Most Controversial again and JayDee wasn't the Best Reviewer again. In fact, for me, this was probably the best MoFies Ceremony yet -- the one we just did. As of right now, I'd be fine not winning or not even being nominated next year if it means brand new people can win awards.

Sexy, you should try making legitimately bad threads with a serious face, like your rival does.
This is my serious face.

I Am Rick Cottontree: The MoFo Quiz Goblin
That post I made in the 2015 ceremony with all those images... it got me thinking there should be placements rather than just nominees and winners.

I put up pictures of bronze, silver and gold trophies.

Might be worth discussing?

I encourage change to keep things fresh around here. To me, doing the MoFies every year, or The Top 100 MoFos, or even all these Countdowns and Hall of Fames.... it becomes a dull routine. You can't keep doing these things for decades. Eventually you have to find new stuff to do. Or else everyone's gonna get bored and pissed off and the whole forum will end in catastrophe. So I SUGGEST -- suggest -- the possibility of NOT even doing another MoFies next year. Let the Godoggo 2.0 of the future resurrect it in 10 years. To be like the Old School MoFos (and me, if I'm STILL around).

I once suggested -- and I think Destiny stole my idea for this and used it for the HOF's -- a COMMITTEE for the MoFies. Where a group of people decided on who should win what, then passed out the awards at a ceremony. No voting, just a committee that looked through things, talked, decided on winners. And made sure that people didn't keep winning the same thing every year.

Nobody likes this idea, but, it's an idea and it's there if you ever want it.

I don't think placements is really going to be worthwhile. Those are more for true competitions - things like track and field, fairs, etc. - rather than awards meant to recognize people's efforts and achievements. Most people don't keep the Mofies in mind when they're posting on the forum. They're not out to win something.

Also several categories had only two nominees this year anyway.

How about a "Make Your Own Award" MoFies?

Everyone (who wants to) could PM Rodent and tell him a category that they wish to win. They could come up with OUTRAGEOUS categories, funny ones, whatever. Then Rodent could make up all of the awards, put their names on them and everything.

Then -- we just have a silly, relaxing afternoon where all of these awards get revealed. Nobody reveals what "award" they made up to anyone else. We just see it all revealed at the show. There can even be pauses -- first we show off what the award is called, then we reveal who "won" it (who came up with the award category for themselves). Rodent could even find presenters. It could all just be for fun. Something to laugh at. Not something to take all seriously with voting and everything. Just something different. And if people want to award themselves with the same category, so what? Let it happen. There could be FIVE Best Movie Reviewers. You know, it could just be something really silly and different. Just sh*t to do, you know? Just to have fun.

On that note, I am A Ray of Sunshine, damn it. You people just don't see it.
Now, see, that's why I think a "Make Your Own" MoFies could be funny. Miss Vicky could award herself with something so NOT like her. It would just be a goofy thing to have fun with.