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Who Deserves A Comeback?


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As of today, I think Cybill Shepherd, Ryan O'Neal, Jim Caviezel and Patrick Stewart deserve comebacks.
Patrick Stewart I agree . Cybil Shepherd was always a limited actress and now she's old. She is also a bitch who sabotaged her sitcom that started well but deteriorated because of her prima donna behavior, so no second chances for her. Ryan O'Neal was never that good either. I don't care about Jim Caviezel. If he couldn't get it going after the Mel Gibson movie he just doesn't have it to be a star.

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Id like to See Sean Astin doing non fantasy adult roles.

Timothy Hutton or Eddie Murphy are the fellas id most like to see exposed to the Tarantino effect.

Michael Keaton should be involved in every Elmore Leonard adaptation. it was cool seein him in both out of sight and jackie brown.
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We all know the Mickey Rourke story and now we get to pick who we want to come back. Pick as many people as you want, they can be actors, directors, screen-writers....whoever.

My top 5 are:

5. Jean Claude Van Damme
He had a chance with JCVD, but skipped out on The Expendables...what gives?

4. Cuba Gooding Jr.
What has his career turned into? A big steam pile...that's what.

3. Micheal Keaton
Batman himself is playing second fiddle to everyone. Playing a father character in tons of roles, or doing straight to dvd. Come back Batman.

2. Wesley Snipes
Other then the Blade films, this guy is another Straight to DVD actor as of late. After his tax problems get out of the way I hope to see him as James Brown in the Spike Lee Joint, everyone apparently wants him to do it and that could be his comeback role.

1. Val Kilmer
Another Batman??? One of the most underrated actors, imo. He stole the show in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, yet it was the other guy who gets the comeback. Come on Val.
Michael Keaton, is a wonderful actor. An Actor who can play powerful Drama's & Comedies effortlessly. A member did mention he's in a new Movie, but if I was the head honcho of some Studio I would certainly have him playing supporting roles in big budget flicks.

Another actor that comes to mind is Benjamin Bratt back to the big screen. He has been recently in a lot of T.V. shows, but has been away from the big screen for sometime now.

If there is a thread like this already, transfer my post to that thread.

Which actors would you lot like to see who, at one point were really in demand or constantly working in FILM but aren't really on anything that's been released or is noteworthy, stage a comeback on film?

Can be anybody from 4-5 years ago and further. Just thinking about it now. I'm about to start a Buffy marathon in a month or two and I just remembered how much I love Sarah Michelle Gellar as an actor. I had quite a few crushes as a kid, but she was arguably my biggest ever. And, even though I was like 11 or 12 when Buffy aired on BBC2, I remember actually being drawn even more by her acting ability than I was to her looks, which were (and still are) beautiful. She's just so sincere and likeable that it's hard not to be drawn to her characters. I think her performance really complimented what was already a ground breaking television show in Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I know she's in this new show called Ringer, but I would love to see her make a comeback on cinema screens. An (unlikely) dream would be to see her be the first ever female lead in a Christopher Nolan film. He could do for her what Tarantino did for the likes of Travolta and Forster.

Anyways, which actors who aren't so hot right now would you like make a comeback on the big screen?

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I'd like to see Robert De Niro stop making comedies and return to being the amazing dramatic actor that he is. Same can be said for Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Jack Nicholson.

Michael Keaton, I know he does a bit, though he is under used...IMO anyway.

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Originally Posted by The Prestige View Post
If there is a thread like this already, transfer my post to that thread.
Originally Posted by TheUsualSuspect View Post
I guess so, merging.

I second the Keaton mention, actually. He's a great actor.

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The actors I can think worthy of a comeback are dead.
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So theres literally NO actor alive right now you would want to make a comeback?

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Keaton is around my age and it is really too late for him to have a comeback. How many movies can he star in at his age?

Comebacks are for actors under fifty and I can't think of any has-beens under fifty worthy of a comeback.

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Michael Keaton went a bit silly with some of his stuff, mainly due to his Batman and Beetlejuice thing, he didn't want to be typecast as a dark character so went all zany comedy and kids films like Jack Frost.

I think he'd make a good comicbook baddy though.

Steve Guttenberg could make a comeback if given a decent script. Most of his stuff is straight to DVD rubbish.

Ralph Macchio could be good if he was given a good dramatic role too.

I'd love for Peter Weller to make a big movie. He was relatively unknown before Robocop, then after Robo he made a couple of badly written sci-fi movies then disappeared.