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In which movie does Bill Murray shock half his audience?


In which movie does Bill Murray shock half his audience?

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Oh, I see. The answer is Ghostbusters. In his first scene of the film he's conducting a bogus ESP experiment on two college students. The hot girl he doesn't shock no matter what she answers, the guy he does (no matter what he answers).

So...Ghostbusters (1984).

What do I win?
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That's the right answer, and you win an audience with Bill Murray!

Who was Frank Capra, a doctor?
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Yeah, I suppose I have been watchin' a few too many films as of late.
You know those new pictures you entered, well in the non smoking elevator, does Ray light a cigarette in there? I remember he lets the cigarette drop after he sees slimer. Did he light another, or was that the cigarette from the elevator? He also smokes in the movie Dragnet and the Blues Brothers. Perhaps he was a smoker in real life, unless he had a stunt man for all those smoking shots?
...I heard once Rex Harrison was smoking a cigarette in a really nice restaurant and the waiter told him to put it out. He smoothly relayed the cigarette to his two fingers, not disposing of it and said in a manner of retort, "Now who are you, my good fellow, the surgeon general perhaps?"

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