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Aha! Continuation of yesterday's talk on food that causes cancer...

It's not just bread and potatoes. The word is, any food containing starch will give you cancer.

So according to W.H.O and the British FSA... bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, breakfast cereals, funguses (like mushrooms), fruit and vegetables.
Damn, that dihydrogen monoxide is lethal stuff.
Had a read of something interesting. World Health Organisation has 4 classes of Carcinogenetic things.

Class 1 will cause cancer

Class 2 could cause cancer, particularly in high doses

Class 3 might cause cancer, but would need huge amounts to do so or prolonged exposure

Class 4 doesn't cause cancer

The Class 4 list has 1 item listed. Nylon.
Although they do say that Nylon fibres can damage the body by causing lung and eye irritation.
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Last week it was prepared red meat which gave you cancer.

Basically, eating food prolongs your life and the longer you live the more time you have to develop a life threatening illness.

It's a win-win situation for these joyless health pundits.

I've lived on nothing but red meat for over 15 years...

Cholesterol level is fine and I've not died from cancer yet
According to the British FSA... potatoes and bread can give you cancer.

Bread and potatoes have been a linchpin of a healthy diet for millennia...

So a healthy staple diet causes cancer as well now.

I think I'll stay as I am in terms of diet and lifestyle. Enjoy it while I can.
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I just read the Highlander II wiki and I wonder what the hell happened to this world.
Them were aliens.


Highlander should be treated as a standalone movie. Don't even waste your time watching the others or the TV series (that was made with Connor's cousin Duncan )
His car.
All this talk of sweet, fatty and salty reminds me of my ex.

Except she was just fat.

And bitter.
I wouldn't mind one of those Wagon Wheel SXi