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I didn't get to see the advanced screening of Get Out. Despite the fact that it was clearly shown seats were still available yesterday when I reserved them, when my friends and I walk up there, we're told it's sold out, and we should've gotten there earlier. Sure, that makes sense. Oh well. I saw John Wick 2, which was great, so I can't complain too much.
Yeah, I don't get to see either of those until mid-May. Perspective is always important.
To be fair, you can only take a character named Jack Reacher so seriously.
Foxtel (local pay-TV service) got rid of TCM completely not too long ago. I'm still annoyed about that.
I believe Holden did his own sizeable write-up about it not too long ago.

In any case, I can't get too worked up about it. There's way worse out there - I'd even argue that it's one of the better Highlander sequels.
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I just read the Highlander II wiki and I wonder what the hell happened to this world.
Them were aliens.


Highlander should be treated as a standalone movie. Don't even waste your time watching the others or the TV series (that was made with Connor's cousin Duncan )
Too late.
Highlander II isn't even the worst Highlander movie.
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Pretty sure that Kesha and Stifler's mom are the same person.
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Does anyone in the US have any experience dealing with titanium eyeglass repair shops?

Internet reviews are becoming worthless.
I like how these are back-to-back.
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Does it matter?
If it mattered enough to say in the first place.
Could've fooled me.
Does it matter?
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MOVIE FORUMS is the only thing that keeps me from taking my faith in the internet off life support.[/font]
Movie Forums: An Island of Mostly Okay in a Sea of Pretty Bad.
Mostly because SC is still here
I now realise that there is a lot of vagueness to both our replies.