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The Shoutbox
Lesson learned
Ya, it was in neutral.
Wow. I'm a dumbass. Didn't put the parking brake on and the car rolled out into the street. Worst part was I didn't even know until a police officer knocked on the front door to tell me. Talk about embarrassing: my face was beet red.
Hacksaw Ridge - Wow.
For what it's worth: I haven't felt the "need" to drink for the last two weeks, but this is probably just a placebo psychological effect of getting put on HRT.
What happened to the mobile version? I can't get it switched over.
Yes, the latest episode. I almost cried.
Wet and in the 50s here. We're sending it ya'lls way when we're done with it.
And Black Sails is getting wild.
*smells her armpits*

Oh my God, I don't make myself sick! I smell OK!