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Did you do that thing where you make a list of the shows you definitely want to see right away and need to get by other means? If so, what's on it?
I have an OVA antenna for local stuff (football games etc), I already had Amazon Prime, and I will run something like Sling or Vue for some of the channels Lisa watches frequently. Once GoT starts up again, I will add HBO to that service for the two months it is on, then get rid of it right afterward. Not being tied into a two-year contract is one of the main draws for getting rid of cable.
The cord is officially cut...No more cable TV! Woot! I sure won't miss that bill...
I am not Putin...

...on the ritz.
Willing to sacrifice?
RIP Carrie Fisher
I got Lisa a Harry Potter board game that is just too fun! A couple of her girlfriends came over Christmas day, and we played for like 5 hours straight.

Also: lots of food was eaten.
I hope everyone had a most excellent holiday!
Loved Rogue One, myself.
My condolences, Tongo. Stay strong in these tough times.
It's that time of year again!