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If standard transmission, we always left it in first gear and with the parking brake on. If automatic, it's in Park and has the parking brake on.

The standard transmission in gear should help keep a car from rolling. Sounds like he had it in neutral...?
Originally Posted by Tacitus
Anyone else get weirdly nervous when upgrading something's firmware?

I stuck the latest Android OS on my Bravia this morning and didn't settle until it had finished. "Process can take up to half an hour" said the blurb ... so I checked on it every 5 minutes until it finally finished, bang on the half hour mark.
Ugh, whenever we upgrade the firmware on our Wink smart-home hub, something goes awry. Then all our indoor and outdoor lights get confused for a while. Someday they'll fix things correctly...

Yay! I cast all my votes in the Oscar poll... and did my usual "I'm completely guessing based on what titles and names look like they should win this year" method.

Which always nets me near the bottom on Oscar night. I'm the comic relief in the Oscar chat room. (BTW, I HIGHLY recommend the chat room on Oscar night to all the newbies. It's the ONLY way to watch an awards show. I do hope Holden makes it in and tells us all about his pizza ordering during the show.)
Storm Stanley would get me running for cover.
Originally Posted by Dani8
And why do they always get a female name? That makes me blow my stack.
Actually, I think with hurricanes now they switch back and forth between male and female names.
Originally Posted by Sarge
Storm Doris is on her way here apparently. In the South that means 'Do not leave your house until it is safe to do'. In the North it means 'Wear a big coat'.
Meanwhile, I'm still wondering when they started naming winter storms...
Originally Posted by Yoda
One of my favorite things to do in the winter is look at the 10-day forecast and see if there are any cold days on the horizon. It gets particularly exciting this time of year because it stretches into March, and if you don't see any, that means you might already be through the winter entirely.

I really, really like the Spring.
Snowfall well into April = completely possible, with precedent.

I am not thinking it's over yet... although I too check the 10-day forecast (I've got that page open in a separate browser window right now, ha ha!) and love seeing the lowest daytime temps in the high 40s.
Originally Posted by Yoda
Yeah, 77 here on Friday. Spell's broken. Think we're done with winter!

Of course, there'll probably be a freak snowstorm on March 9th or something.
Big blizzard of '92 here in Pittsburgh shut down the St. Patrick's Day parade. Just sayin'... We've got a month left of winter. Don't break out the shorts and sandals just yet.
Originally Posted by Yoda
There's a local sandwich called the #7 (formerly the "Roethlisburger"). That'd probably be my favorite:
I can confirm that this is an amazing sandwich. That picture doesn't do it justice. It is glorious. Geez, now I want one. THANKS, YODA.
Originally Posted by Yoda
Got some coffee right here.

Always funny to me when people who have more refined taste than me talk about coffee being good or bad. It's like, why do you think I put all this stuff in it? Specifically to not taste it. I'm not drinking coffee for the taste, man.
I add stuff because I rarely like black coffee unless it's reeeeeally smooth. The java at Cafe Kolache is smooth enough to drink black... though I still don't.

But anything like Starbucks (burnt coffee, anyone?) needs sweetener and some sort of creamer to take the harsh edge off it for me.

I've worked out my own home brewing habits enough that I actually enjoy it most mornings, but I still add the stuff because it makes a good thing even better.