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Originally Posted by Dexter007
Just needed to let it out
What? You didn't like that pic?

Don't go thinking I'm trying to give you a hard time. That is not who I am. I'm just having fun teasing about them. It's really hard not to. Just like you guys can't fight the urge to tease about Trump. I don't care if people want to do that. Just don't get upset when I do it. Besides, it's taken me eleven years to get one joke out about those ding dongs. I think that's my first. Maybe second. Well, I may have made an Oral Office joke once.
Dani, I posted another one of those cakes I baked.
Originally Posted by Austruck
Meanwhile, I'm still wondering when they started naming winter storms...
That's actually very interesting . . .

Tropical Storms:

Winter Storms:
Originally Posted by Austruck
... although I too check the 10-day forecast (I've got that page open in a separate browser window right now, ha ha!) and love seeing the lowest daytime temps in the high 40s.
Mid 50's here, and I forever keep that same 10 day page open here.
Originally Posted by Austruck
Big blizzard of '92 here in Pittsburgh shut down the St. Patrick's Day parade. Just sayin'... We've got a month left of winter. Don't break out the shorts and sandals just yet.
I remember that very well. I was 5 months pregnant, and walking across a long sidewalk covered in ice. Every manager in that store had their face pressed to the glass, watching me and praying I wouldn't fall.
Originally Posted by John McClane
Wet and in the 50s here. We're sending it ya'lls way when we're done with it.
It rained here today, and was very annoying. It delays work. My bank account finds that very annoying, too.

Friday is dry, with a high of 77. Then it drops again by Sunday, I do believe. Back in the 50's, but for just a couple of days, roughly.
Originally Posted by 需st铖y
Turner Classic Movies ~ Rear Window

12:45 a.m. Eastern Standard Time
This is a now thing, by the way, which is why I put my timezone down.
Turner Classic Movies ~ Rear Window

12:45 a.m. Eastern Standard Time
Originally Posted by tatmmw2
Darn it, yesterday I did cook something I was practicing, I should have taken a picture it was some sort of rive with chicken
What kind of rive was it?
Originally Posted by Dani8
Originally Posted by The Rodent
Originally Posted by 需st铖y
I feel kind of barfy today.
Boiling bunnies taking it's toll on you?
LOL. Des, Capn Steele and I were talking about ginger for nausea. Try some fresh ginger or ginger powder and boiling water. if you need it sweet, add honey.
Cinnamon works great for me.