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Sorry, can you elaborate? I realize that may be a joke going over my head, but on the off chance it's an actual bug report/request, let me know!
Yup, moved them down. I figure most people just hit New Posts, anyway, and a couple of the newer people were having trouble finding the messages inbox.
"I guess it goes back to that time as a child when a podcast killed my dad."
Wow. That's...extreme. It's like you've got PTSD. Podcast Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Originally Posted by Dani8
You have a very young voice for a little ancient green dude.
Well, I'm 32 in real life.

Originally Posted by Dani8
yoda, what was your pick for sound editing? I missed the title. My personal guess is deepwater horizon
The Arrival.
Thanks! We've done a handful of others about different films with a different group (Slappydavis and bluedeed) that I think you'll find pretty enjoyable, too. The iTunes page is here. Those are a bit shorter than the Oscar ones, which can get up there, length-wise.
Yeah, don't worry, you won't be able to miss it. Big link in the header of every page, like that Oscar picks reminder you saw today.
Yeah, 77 here on Friday. Spell's broken. Think we're done with winter!

Of course, there'll probably be a freak snowstorm on March 9th or something.
One of my favorite things to do in the winter is look at the 10-day forecast and see if there are any cold days on the horizon. It gets particularly exciting this time of year because it stretches into March, and if you don't see any, that means you might already be through the winter entirely.

I really, really like the Spring.
It's burger, some hot sausage, and a fried egg with cheese, mayo, and lettuce. Love it not just because it's delicious, but because it has structural integrity (doesn't fall apart when you try to eat it) and it's a good amount to eat when you're hungry. Not too little, not too much. If I get that and a side of fries when I'm really hungry, I know it'll be almost exactly the right amount: I'll leave full, but not unwieldy.