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Yeah, that just means the embedded font--Futura--took a little bit longer than usual to load, though it should've defaulted to something other than TNR (you're sure it wasn't Arial? It should be a sans-serif). If I'm not too lazy I might get around to implementing a little tweak so that doesn't happen, even for a moment, though it would just involve hiding the effected text until the font was loaded.
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What kind of site bug was it? Would we have noticed it by the way pages loaded? I swear they were loading kind of weird for me the other day, now they are fine.
Nah, it was just an outdated reference to a tiny image that I noticed when I cleared out some old directories.
Haha. Yes.
Woohoo. Just found a tiny, nagging little bug. Very low-impact, didn't really affect functionality, but was weirdly hard to track down. Never sure how much to focus on those, since it's mostly for my own habits/edification, but nice to figure it out.
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Thanks for the link. Good Lord that's *a lot* of There's probably a bunch of people that sign up to ask one question, and then never post again.
Aye. 5,700 of the 19,000 members have exactly one post.
That's pretty heavily culled: if we never deleted any users, we'd be at around 95,000, but we periodically delete inactive accounts if they've never posted.
I'd like it if not for the fact that none of their apps let you use Chromecast, because Google and Amazon are fighting over all that stuff.
Why did you think you were 48?
I even saw them reading the review guidelines.

I get why someone would sign up, spam, and then bail. I don't get why they would sort of poke around and participate a tiny bit and then spam. I guess it's to see like they're not spamming, but if you're going to go to that kind of effort, surely you'd, ya' know, read the Rules?