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  1. 03-12-16
    Watched Dark City a few days ago and instantly fell in love. Put it on my own top 10.
  2. 02-29-16
    I may vote in some of the ones i left out, but i hope that is ok so far.
  3. 02-28-16
    Yeah, he's good, cut himself up, just needs stitches. Silly boy he is.
  4. 02-19-16
    Am I the only one who thinks the merge happened too soon?
Audrie & Daisy   9/25/16
Audrie & Daisy (Bonn Cohen &Jon Shenk) A harrowing look into the rape of two 14 year old...

ARQ   9/21/16
ARQ (Tony Elliott) I decided to watch this simply because the company I work for supplied the ge...

Star Trek Beyond   9/14/16
Star Trek Beyond (Justin Lin) The least ambitious Star Trek is probably the closest to the ori...

The Finest Hours   9/14/16
The Finest Hours (Craig Gillespie) A story about the bravery of men and the struggle for surviva...

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