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  1. 06-25-15
    Now it is you who should post more. How the tables have turned.
  2. 12-12-14
    So I guess it's now my turn to start asking when you'll post a new Top 100 list, huh?
  3. 08-20-14
    Happy Anniversary!
  4. 05-09-14
    Oh, I was just sorta curious if you knew if it was kind of an older piece. It reminds of some of the art from way back in the day when they first surfaced.
Black Sea   10/05/15
Black Sea (Kevin Macdonald) "The only thing more dangerous than the mission. Is the crew" ...

The Babadook   10/04/15
October 2nd The Babadook Directed By: Jennifer Kent Here is a film that has received a lot of positive bu...

Frailty   10/01/15
October 1st Frailty Directed By: Bill Paxton A pastor wakes his two sons up in the middle of the ni...

Delivery Man   9/22/15
Delivery Man (Ken Scott) Means well, but watch the original. In 1997, Michael Haneke gave us the ter...

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