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  1. 05-09-14
    Oh, I was just sorta curious if you knew if it was kind of an older piece. It reminds of some of the art from way back in the day when they first surfaced.
  2. 05-07-14
    That is a dope banner! What year is that from, do ya know?
  3. 08-01-13
    Awesome Top 10 list, man!
  4. 04-24-13
    Ha ha, I saw your post on the plot holes and went "Hey, another Cracked fan!"
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes   7/11/14
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Matt Reeves) Dawn is an intelligent spectacular Hollywood blockbuster ...

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WolfCop The Best Film of ALL-TIME....about a wolfcop. An alcoholic cop wakes up one morning feeling ...

X-Men: Days of Future Past   6/04/14
With Singer back in the fold, many people felt like the series was back in good hands. He comes back after the...

Godzilla   5/19/14
A nuclear meltdown 15 years ago bears striking resemblance to some current issues with the area now. What secr...

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