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  1. 12-12-14
    So I guess it's now my turn to start asking when you'll post a new Top 100 list, huh?
  2. 08-20-14
    Happy Anniversary!
  3. 05-09-14
    Oh, I was just sorta curious if you knew if it was kind of an older piece. It reminds of some of the art from way back in the day when they first surfaced.
  4. 05-07-14
    That is a dope banner! What year is that from, do ya know?
John Wick   1/17/15
John Wick (Chad Stahelski) "Don't Set Him Off!" John Wick is an interesting film that came...

Unstoppable   1/13/15
Unstoppable Despite the film being clichéd to the teeth and having characters that no one could give a damn a...

Predestination   1/07/15
Predestination (The Spierig Brothers) Don't try and 'figure out' this film The Spierig brothers fi...

Open Windows   1/01/15
Open Windows A film that is entirely shot from the perspective of cameras, laptops and cell phones. Sou...

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