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  1. 08-20-14
    Happy Anniversary!
  2. 05-09-14
    Oh, I was just sorta curious if you knew if it was kind of an older piece. It reminds of some of the art from way back in the day when they first surfaced.
  3. 05-07-14
    That is a dope banner! What year is that from, do ya know?
  4. 08-01-13
    Awesome Top 10 list, man!
Fury   10/20/14
"Ideals are peaceful. History is violent." Fury is a brutal look at the men who find themselv...

Edge of Tomorrow   9/16/14
Edge of Tomorrow was a surprisingly fun ride. The storming the beach sequences were spectacularly filmed...

Guardians of the Galaxy   8/04/14
Guardians of the Galaxy A rag-tag group of has-beens ban together to stop a ruthless villain who wants nothin...

The Expendables 3   7/25/14
Expendables 3 (Patrick Hughes) It was surprisingly a fun ride. On yet another routine mission, t...

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