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  1. 1 Day Ago
    Thanks but nah it's alright honestly, it's your club and plus i remember someone else mentioning there was two weeks to see Psycho so i think it was only me not paying attention that didn't know. The others probably expect another week to be able to watch Vertigo and it wouldn't be fair prematurely springing it on them. Thanks again though.
  2. 1 Day Ago
    haha. Think it's the longest thing i've written for this site so it's probably a big rambly mess anyway. It can wait a week
  3. 1 Day Ago
    That is why i watched it . It's cool though just wait til next week since that was the plan.
  4. 1 Day Ago
    Hey, i was wondering when does the Vertigo discussion start? Only asking because it says tomorrow in the Hitch thread but then i remembered you saying you are watching it this weekend before doing your review, is it next week and you just put 23rd by accident?
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