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  1. 02-29-16
    email me your address and I'll have it shipped to you.
  2. 02-26-16
    Hey Donnie, I totally keep forgetting to ask you. Did you want a copy of A Final Hit?
  3. 01-30-16
    June or July.
  4. 01-29-16
    Wisconsin. The film market here is dying, it's ridiculous.
Youth   6/04/16
Youth (Sorrentino, 2015) Youth is a film that I have anticipated prior to the trailer even being releas...

Insomnia   7/29/15
Insomnia (Skjoldbjærg, 1997) Wow. Today I wanted to watch something real. I truly got it with this stel...

Good Morning   7/19/15
Good Morning (Ozu, 1959) The only other Ozu film I've seen was released in the same year as this char...

Knife in the Water   6/06/15
Knife in the Water (Polanski, 1962) What a brilliant film. With three isolated characters, Knife in the Wat...

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