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  1. 08-01-12
    Good sense of humour with the avatar.
  2. 11-29-11
    Whoa you posted those school comments in your own profile hahaha well good thing I'm not done yet, thank you.

    Btw I think your Occupy thread has been occupied
  3. 10-10-11
    Re-word these, obviously.

    Would the education system be better without tenure and unions? That's my number one. Most teachers will say no, but when you have teachers that under perform and the schools can't fire them, what kind of options are there?

    Also, a lot of urban schools have very poor attendance rates. How does an education system reach out to parents and students to improve attendance?

    For students: A school here in St. Louis, Mo "bribed" kids with money and/or tickets to Rams football games to get them to come to class on the first day of school, a notoriously low attendance day. Does this help attendance or re-inforce bad behavior?

    If I come up with more in the next day or two, I'll send them. Also, I have a 14-year-old son, I'll ask him what his concerns are at his school, although he is in a pretty decent public school.

  4. 10-10-11
    I'm doing a documentary for class on education and I figure you would be helpful in providing some important questions for teachers, principals, and students? Let me know.
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