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  1. 18 Hours Ago
    Sorry thought i responded to that but i see i only did to the other half of your message. They weren't really laughing at me i was just saying that they'd never want to go see the films i would there; classics, foreign-films, etc coz they aren't into those. That's why i apologized if you thought i was making light of anything you said because they weren't actually.
  2. 1 Day Ago
    haha sorry about that. I considered replying but then i thought it had concluded since you clarified that i didn't offend you and you thought it was the other way round.
  3. 1 Day Ago
    I saw and kinda hated La La Land . I'm sure there'll be another whimsical, romantic musical along soon for us to share popcorn over
  4. 1 Day Ago
    Think i'd agree we have different tastes for the most part but i do like most types of film. If you were to bring up just about any kind of movie with the exception of Musicals i could most likely bring up multiple examples of films of that type that i love. I'm waiting it out for the Kazaam re-release so there's a film we'll both love
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