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  1. 08-04-14
    yep! been exploring his filmography a bit recently. i've only seen 4 so far, but i've liked/loved them all (bad lieutenant, 4:44, ms .45, the driller killer in that order). can't wait to see more! one of the most interesting american auteurs of the last 30 years.
  2. 04-03-14
  3. 02-28-14
    BTW, if you think something might have been broken or delayed, it's definitely worth elaborating on. I'm specifically hunting around for bugs at the moment.
  4. 02-27-14
    Hmmm, no, it should definitely be instantaneous. Maybe just pages that hadn't been refreshed?
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Harakiri   1/08/12
Harakiri (Kobayashi, 1962) Think of 12 Angry Men meeting Rashomon, and you'd get this superbly crafted “...