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  1. 2 Days Ago
    There's a couple of ties in the soundtrack song tourney. You haven't voted yet, have you? If not we could use the help. Oh and I'd appreciate it if you voted for Michael Jackson.
  2. 1 Week Ago
    I thought it was an interesting idea, but it could've been executed a bit better. I loved some of the songs used in the matches, it made them almost pyschadelic; one match in particular but i can't remember what teams were playing. Overall i thought it was a fun movie with some amazing stunts, that i'd watch again. I'll expand a bit more when i make the Movie Tab post
  3. 2 Weeks Ago
    Elton is losing to Tom Petty?!?!?

    And I have yet to hear good Tom Petty.
  4. 2 Weeks Ago
    Well to be honest with The Birds I was hoping for it to be a good to very good movie, as opposed to adequate with a few scenes of unintentional hilarity. I prefer Hitchcock's psychological thrillers more then his horror it seems.

    Walkabout I still liked.
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