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  1. 5 Days Ago
    Watched it last night and enjoyed it.
  2. 1 Week Ago
    Yeah, I guess so. I've seen Dirty Harry, and Escape From Alcatraz. And I know you're not huge on Noir or Westerns, so I was wondering if you had any great exceptions to your usual tasteses. I thought Body Snatchers was extremely noir in its cinematography, direction and storytelling, I do think it would have been better if it ended with him screaming on the bridge perhaps, but it was still great.
  3. 1 Week Ago
    I knew you'd like that. Are there any more Siegel films you'd recommend? I want to watch some of his early noir stuff, it looks interesting.
  4. 1 Week Ago

    OK, bud, no probs.
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