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  1. 1 Day Ago
    Cheers. Hope I enjoy it.
  2. 1 Week Ago
    Thanks! I need to use it more often.
  3. 2 Weeks Ago
    What can I say, I did find it funny. Ultimately forgettable, but I still laughed enough to give it a positive rating. Bronson I can see why someone may give it lower, same the other way round if they'd give it higher, was weirder than I expected and a bit pointless (it fully stretches out its idea to a full length film however it can), but Hardy's performance kept me intrigued and lands it a positive rating. I think this is a great review of it: http://www.reelviews.net/php_review_...dentifier=1847
  4. 2 Weeks Ago
    I'm your best friend? Awwww. That's so sweet.
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