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  1. 1 Day Ago
    A little bit I guess. The actual symptoms haven't eased but not been feeling as low as I had been. So I'm just trying to force myself back into the swing of things a bit, easing myself back in gradually.

    Had my endoscopy last Thursday. Was awful. So uncomfortable, and still nothing to be found!

    How about yourself, how are you doing?
  2. 2 Days Ago
    Thanks for the tip . I was beginning to think Die Hard 4.0 was the only movie ever on Film 4
  3. 1 Week Ago
    Oh, one word of warning...

    My advice is usually pathetic But my ear is always around for you to bend.
  4. 1 Week Ago
    Not sure if I could do group therapy.

    I share stuff on here as it's pretty much like an AA... nobody knows me.

    But yeah, if it looks like it'll work for you, go for it.

    If you ever get your head in a twist, giz a shout in a PM on here. I'm on here almost 24/7 so I'm always about
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