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  1. 21 Hours Ago
    Ah go on give it a read. Following Guardians I'm making it my goal to try and immerse you in the Marvel universe. We should watch and commentate on every single one. Won't that be fun?
  2. 2 Days Ago
    . It started off as a who was better convo, then lead to mutual agreement that they were both ***** . Still The Beatles and Paul McCartney are brilliant, heathen, (that's if you even dislike them I can't remember ).
  3. 1 Week Ago
    You mean you don't listen to any of the messages?

    Anyway I recited the speech from Braveheart which I thought you'd appreciate. And then at the end I added "now lift up your kilt lads, show them your arse."
  4. 1 Week Ago
    Yes I did indeed steal that little bit from Frankie Boyle.

    And I do have to admit to laughing in the cinema when Morag came up.
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