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  1. 2 Weeks Ago
    You entering a list for the comics list?

    Rules are in the first post on the thread.

    21 hours to go for entries...
  2. 4 Weeks Ago
    I like that anyone who pops in here can see what we're talking about. But most of them won't. Sort-of secrets.
  3. 4 Weeks Ago
    Oh yeah, that's what I was thinking too--thread and podcast go up simultaneously. Just figured it's been long enough since the poll--and a lot's been happening--so that they might benefit from the reminder.
  4. 4 Weeks Ago
    Yo; should I post something in the Movie Club about how people will want to grab a copy soon? I'm not sure how quick the turnaround will be on my end, but we can probably safely assume no later than the middle of next week, if not near the beginning...