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Originally from southern Arizona, Sedai now resides in the Boston area where he spins records, takes in film, and is known to write the occassional film review on this very site. Biography
Boston Area, USA Location
Film, music, graphic design, gaming, pagan lore Interests
Art Director in the field of printing... Occupation
"It doesn't do any good to say, 'This is what it means.' When you are spoon fed a film, people instantly know what it is. I like films that leave room to dream." - D. Lynch

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  1. 2 Weeks Ago
    You entering a list for the comics buddy?

    21 hours to go till lists are cut off...
  2. 02-28-14
  3. 02-28-14
    Before I forget, can you go into the new Favorite Movies page and hit save? I made some changes to the system after yours got all fancified.
  4. 02-25-14
    I like your avatar -- the eye of Ra? Did you make it?