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“Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”
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  1. 4 Hours Ago
    Might want to watch new member Arslankhalid.
    He posted a review thread, which was a copy/paste from IMDb.
    Chypmunk then called him on it, so he's deleted the thread and has now gone to invisible mode.
  2. 6 Hours Ago
    I've checked over, all is working
    I figured that movie needed something a bit bigger than the normal 10.
    Jaws was the same, needed 20.

    The classics I reckon are probably the only ones that can survive a lengthy quiz tbh.
    Something like 20 questions on Resident Evil would be a bit much but Jaws, Shining etc really need a bigger quiz. Kind of an "event" quiz so-to-speak.
  3. 6 Hours Ago
    I sound like I'm being pushy lol! It's all good if you were stuck.
    I was just having a check as you usually reply when I send in updates, I was thinking you hadn't seen the message.
  4. 6 Hours Ago
    Did you see my last message?
    Just checking as you normally send an answer
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