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  1. 1 Week Ago
    Yeah, I really like it! I actually get disappointed when I come back to my computer after awhile and it isn't my turn. Let's keep it up. Happy to play a few at once.
  2. 06-16-16
    I still use them to spin, yes!
  3. 01-21-15
    Happy Movieforum Anniversary!
  4. 11-09-14
    A mix of pundits; I like Dan McLaughlin (@baseballcrank) a lot. @SeanTrende is great for electoral/voting analysis. @Heminator and @DouthatNYT (very thoughtful guy) are great, as is @TPCarney (great for exposing corruption in both government and business). That and I just check Drudge off and on. They're largely conservative, but I know that going in, and it's really just a way to get an overview. If I want to drill down and get basic facts independently I'll follow up on their commentary with Google News, which usually leads me to AP articles.
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