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I was born, so here I am. Biography
In a simple state of bliss. Location
Music, movies, and philosophy. Interests
IT Support Analyst Occupation
"Self-complacency is pleasure accompanied by the idea
of oneself as cause." -Baruch Spinoza
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  1. 1 Week Ago
  2. 1 Week Ago
    Ah, OK!

    I'll have to decline the offer for now. The thread is helpful to me, including SC's stuff.
  3. 1 Week Ago
    Just to be clear, that wasn't meant as a warning: more like an offer. I don't know at what point the thread becomes a burden to you and thus more trouble than it's worth, so I wanted you to know you can ask that it be closed, if and when that becomes the case.

    Anyway, I think it's mostly done, just wanted you to know you had that option.
  4. 1 Week Ago
    Just so you know, I'm willing to close the transgender thread if you'd prefer. I'm not sure how much discussion can be had in it going forward. But it'll be your call, unless it gets further out of hand, naturally.
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