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  1. 11-12-16
  2. 11-08-16
    I'm not.

  3. 11-08-16
    By that i meant i didn't want to come across as a dick BTW. Nothing to do with JD, but i did respond to him.
  4. 11-08-16
    I'm fine.
Playtime   2/07/15
I've watched a few great films recently, and I'll post about them soon, but I feel like I really, really need ...

Waking Life   11/21/14
Waking Life (Richard Linklater, 2001) "Which is the most universal human characteristic: fear, or...

Shame   11/02/14
Shame Steve McQueen, 2011 Michael Fassbender is Brandon, a man with a well paid job that affords him a very...

Fury   11/02/14
Fury David Ayer, 2014 Remember in Inglourious Basterds, where the Third Reich come together to watch...

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