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“Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”
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  1. 10 Hours Ago
    Might want to watch new member Arslankhalid.
    He posted a review thread, which was a copy/paste from IMDb.
    Chypmunk then called him on it, so he's deleted the thread and has now gone to invisible mode.
  2. 13 Hours Ago
    I've checked over, all is working
    I figured that movie needed something a bit bigger than the normal 10.
    Jaws was the same, needed 20.

    The classics I reckon are probably the only ones that can survive a lengthy quiz tbh.
    Something like 20 questions on Resident Evil would be a bit much but Jaws, Shining etc really need a bigger quiz. Kind of an "event" quiz so-to-speak.
  3. 13 Hours Ago
    I sound like I'm being pushy lol! It's all good if you were stuck.
    I was just having a check as you usually reply when I send in updates, I was thinking you hadn't seen the message.
  4. 13 Hours Ago
    Did you see my last message?
    Just checking as you normally send an answer
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