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neiba (24)

The Shoutbox

Optimus 1 Hour Ago @ 06:41 AM
Originally Posted by The Rodent
Originally Posted by Optimus
How do I link my review thread, and my top 100 thread to my sig anyone?.
Open two windows. Window 1 should be your signature edit screen.

In window 2, open page 1 of your reviews thread and copy the address at the top left.

You can then do one of two things:

1 - Paste the address directly to your signature.
2 - Type in "Optimus Reviews" in the text box... and then highlight the "Optimus Reviews" text... and then, in the functions bar above the text box (where all the fonts and font size selections are), click the little symbol that looks like the Earth with a chain underneath it called "Insert Link". That will bring up a window where you can paste the address of your reviews thread, then hit OK.
That will turn the text "Optimus Reviews" into a link that takes you to your thread.

Do the same for your Top 100.
Thanks mate.